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The whole idea of finding sex online is a marketer’s dream come true. I mean, think about it, you get to find sex and that sex is absolutely free. If you ask the typical red blooded all American male about free sex, their minds would explode. You just mention two of the most powerful words and it often creates a hormonal implosion in most straight men.

The idea of free sex is just like a dream come true. It’s like letting a kid loose all by himself in a candy store. Isn’t that every kid’s dream come true? Well, most guys retain that level of passion when it comes to sex. But there is a dark side to finding sex online and, unfortunately, you won’t hear it from most people because first of all, they’re clueless, second, they’re in denial, and third, they’d rather focus on other things. Here are just some key truths that most people won’t tell you.

Finding Sex Online can be Very Lonely

Finding sex online is not a slam dunk. Just because you’re at the right website called at the right time looking for the right people, doesn’t necessarily mean you will get sex. In most cases, the sex that you get is not exactly the sex that you want. What do I mean by that? Guys readily drop their standards. When they start feeling desperate, they basically reach that point where they will fuck anything that has a pulse.

It’s really sad and also very lonely. It’s as if you’re on this solitary hunt and the only person that you can rely on is yourself. This is one aspect of finding sex online that is definitely not sexy. It’s no wonder that people really don’t talk about it, but this is the absolute truth.

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