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How to Find a Fuck Buddy like a Pro

Like in many things in life, there are always two ways to do things. You can either do things the easy way or you can do things the wrong way. It really is your choice. The problem is when it comes to the project of trying to find a fuck buddy, most guys insist on doing things the wrong way. Seriously. Discover more info here

I know that this might seem like I’m going over the top. This might seem I am being overly dramatic. No, I’m just being completely honest to you. I’m being completely serious. Most of these guys out there go about the process of trying to find a fuck buddy in such a way that it will end up blowing up in their face. They look at the process as something that involves developing tons of female friends, having a great time with them on a completely platonic basis, and then somehow, someway, popping the question.

Well, I’m telling you right now, if that’s how you intend to look for a friend with benefits, you might want to think twice. You might want to focus on the great range of emotional and financial benefits you get from the friendship and reconsider your decision. Seriously, you might want to not just think twice about the problem about that potential situation, but maybe think about it many times over before making your move.

You are setting yourself up for a potentially explosive situation. If things go south with this person, not only do you lose a friend, but she will tell all your other friends and you might end up with an exodus of female friends. That’s the last thing anybody would want to see happen. Sadly, too many otherwise intelligent dudes let this happen to them. What happened? Simple-they chose to think with their lower head instead of the one on top of their shoulders.

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