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Some girls are taking feminism to a whole new level and making men their bitches. I don’t know who hurt them in their past, but these sluts are pissed off and taking it out on the next dude they see. You can get in on the fun for up to 62% off with this Revenge Is A Bitch discount, but be prepared to struggle to leave your own manhood intact.

Let’s face it, guys can be assholes sometimes. There is a little bit of satisfaction seeing these beautiful babes take charge, put on a massive strap on, and make these guys their bitches! They take total control of every exclusive scene and humiliate the fuck out of these poor blokes!

If you feel like you need to stroke your ego back to its fragile state of masculine superiority after watching these hot films, have no fear. This comes with unlimited access to the entire Kickass network where you get tons of hot porn of a variety of sexy niches. But when you need to see these babes tired of being objectified and executing their sweet revenge, you have to come back to Revenge Is a Bitch to get your fetish fix!

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