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There is an organization called Save Our Monarchs where you can buy seeds for growing milkweed and other plants to help the butterflies survive and attract them to your yard. These seed packs are also good for attracting other pollinators, such as bees. Bees are necessary to the survival of agriculture, which humans rely on. It is believed that people would not be able to survive if bees no longer existed. Those were some of the things I learned while spending the afternoon with my nephew yesterday and helping him put together a bee hotel project he had been wanting to do. My sister has also asked if I could help by giving him the “birds and the bees” talk when he is a little older just in case she isn’t married by then. So it’s pretty much a given that the task will fall to me.

My sister doesn’t know about my porn habits and tranny love, but I think I can manage to keep things PG-13 when I speak with him.

That night after getting home, I decided to use our TS Playground discount link for 87% off. I got a good laugh and a good fapping when I came across this sexy bee-themed scene starring shemale Danni Daniels, pollinating the asshole of scrawny guy, Dustin Reeves.

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A lot of my day has been spent glued to my television screen watching the news as the Notre Dame Cathedral burns. It’s a terrible loss to France, and really the world. I don’t even know why I care so much, but I feel like I am supposed to. Someone on my social media feed shared a list of other historical tragedies that have occurred on April 15th, and it was just too much. I had to step away for a while before I got sucked too far down the media-driven rabbit hole.

That, of course, meant turning to the no-fail distraction of porn. It always does a great job of shrinking the rest of the world and giving me a safe space to focus solely on my dick and giving it the eruption that it so enthusiastically desires and deserves.

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The free chat on cam sites really lets me embrace my voyeur side. Sometimes, I will go into a room just to watch a Tgirl sitting awkwardly by herself trying to figure out how to pass the time. The really good ones will work the room even when no one is attempting to converse with them. They know they are being watched and they delight in it. My favorite to visit is:

Then there are the trannies like NataliaNine. All dressed up in a little pink and white outfit with a bow on her top and pleats in her miniskirt, she is obviously looking for a playmate. Next to her on the bed, she has all kinds of kinky toys meticulously laid out. Like her outfit, there is a lot of pink. You can tell she is shooting from her home and not a studio because elsewhere in the room, is a pile of junk, mostly Amazon boxes.

I watch her seated at her computer looking bored to death and lonely for a friend to have kinky fun with. She is an awkward shemale with big eyes and a man’s chest. She reaches under her skirt and tugs on her erection. She knows I am there, but I never say a word.

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You’d never guess this beautiful slut was born with a dick between her legs, would you? She was, and after she puts that condom on with her mouth, she’s going to take a hard fucking in her cute little ass. Then, she’s going to swap places and give this guy the ass-fuck of his life. Here’s where you can get your Tranny POV discount. It’s going to save you 58% off full price and you’ll score access to the entire network with some hot tranny bonus sites.

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Okay, so, I’ll tell you right up front that some of the videos you’re going to find here will have some lower quality, but if free shit is what you’re after, you’re definitely in the right place. Here’s where you can do your free shemale porn search and find tons of free tranny porn videos. The simple search I just did turned up more than 25,000 that were pulled from all across the web.

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Nothing a little whipped cream can’t enhance. You want to immerse yourself into a virtual reality ass-fucking by a sexy tranny that’s stacked up top and stuffing your asshole full of dick? Here’s where you can get your VRB Trans discount for 34% off or more. Or, you can watch them fuck each other and females or even get fucked by a sexy dude. There’s some hot threesomes here too.

The site is growing so the number of videos is small for the time being though new ones are being added on a regular basis. Enjoy sexy t-sluts like Jessy Dubai, Chanel Santini, Aubrey Kate, and TS Foxxy. Mia Maffia is a very hot new addition added recently that you’ll definitely want to check out in the video More Than Friends.

For now, there’s 13 sexy, stunning t-babes in 14 videos and, from what I’m seeing, this site has huge growth potential. The quality is good, the babes are top-shelf, and virtual reality speaks for itself. It’s immersive, you’re drawn right into the action. Check it out and grab this hot deal on tranny VR porn today!


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Personally, I prefer it when a shemale is fucking around with a guy and a girl and all the genders are getting mixed up in a lustful threesome of debauchery. However, you’re going to find females strapping on their favorite dicks and fucking their favorite guys in the ass here which isn’t too bad either. It’s a bit femdom, right? That’s totally hot. If you’re into it too then here is where you can save 51% off with this discount to

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These lewd futanari sluts look like regular girls but have real giant cocks between those gorgeous thighs. What can be sexier or more arousing than hot chicks with dicks destroying their girlfriends’ tight twats and asses, then erupting fountains of hot, creamy jizz from their giant poles? Here you’ll find tons of the wildest futanari porn with the sexiest sluts and their giant rods almost dying of impatience to shove their throbbing cocks into sweet slippery pussies. Are you ready to get plunged into the most awesome and exciting world of original futanari porn? You can watch more weird shit here where you’ll be given thousands of hours of some of the best shemale porn on the net. Check it out and save 29% on a 3-month pass!

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