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These shemales are a little bit closer to the truth, or should I say closer to reality.

The TS sites you typically see have picked only the absolute best of the best transsexuals which could lead you to believe that the norm is that the science has progressed so far that it really is hard to tell if a girl was born a guy.

The truth is that that is very far from the truth and probably has little to do with science. You see, unless complete facial reconstruction is done, which it isn’t, then that butt ugly guy just becomes a butt ugly girl and if I’m going to be brutally honest, it’s actually much worse.

I have seen sites where they showcase amateur transsexuals and perhaps what you might consider the equivalent of the girl next door. It’s cringy as fuck.

This site is kind of something in between. I mean the person in this pic is scary looking enough to me that she would freak me out entirely if I saw her at night but compared to what I;ve seen this one is still ok.

Here’s a 45% off discount to Transgasm.

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In a good bad way, that’s how she rolls. She’s nasty in fact, no shame at all and she’ll put you through your paces if you’re up to it so get pegged by thenaughtygf tonight

I tell you what, my eyes went big when I saw her show the first time, about as big as I expect any of yours might have gone after reading that first sentence. That’s the way it is though. The show might warm up towards it for sure but once it gets traction it gets wild and this girl seems to have the same casual approach to dirty and nasty sex acts as she might to having a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

It’s a first for me on a live cam site and then on top of that it’s by an amateur even thought hat term is being used rather loosely these days under these circumstances since technically she is actually a professional since she gets paid to do this. Dubbing her a privateer might be more accurate.

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From what I’m able to gauge the premise at TS Seduction revolves around transsexuals seducing straight males into having their way with them.

It’s all scripted of course, but that is what the fantasy is about and they try and create the impression that any straight male can be seduced by a competent and talented transsexual, essentially that there are trannies so hot, so sexy and so skilled at the art of the seduction that they’re able to penetrate the defences of the most resolute man… and then penetrate his ass.

For me personally, I’m not able to get drunk enough but I know that there are many guys, like this chap in picture, who love this kind of thing. It would not have been this popular if it wasn’t the case.

I have to concede that some of these trannies are almost indistinguishable from women who were born into the gender.

Check out this working TS Seduction discount for 79% off and land yourself a membership to a premium transsexual site at a very generous fee.

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Trans Angels is what this site calls itself and I have to tell you that if these are angels then heaven must be one freaky-ass place. If they are this liberal there then even someone completely nonreligious as myself would want to go there one day.

I’m normally quite sharp at spotting the manly features of a tranny and you’d kind of expect that from someone employed in the porn industry, but this one in pic is pretty damn special.

She has the softest facial features with perhaps the absolute slightest hints in the jawline but that would just be digging to find something. Her entire build thin and feminine even her hands which is very often a dead give-away.

If you’re a fan of transsexual porn then you might like to check out this kinky discount to

They running some impressive rates at the moment with a 30-day pass reduced by 67% off the regular price. That means that you can become a member for less than ten bucks.

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The 21 Sextury network is one of the elite porn production houses around at the moment. I really enjoy their work, their content range and quality as well as the actors and actresses they showcase in their performances. If you like to skip forward right to the best when you choose your porn subscription, then I have no doubt that these guys have made your list too.

What’s amazing is that they are running a discount special at them moment, but really it’s really like they’ve butchered their membership rates. It’s savage. Top-drawer sites for $7.95? Almost unheard of. I am definitely going to use this discount to 21 Sextury for up to 87% off and take full advantage of the opportunity.

I love that the sites range across so many erotic genres too. My every mood is catered for a bookmarked click away.

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If you thinks this genre is very niche, you will be surprised. It is staggeringly popular and if you do a quick search you’ll see just how much content is actually available on the net.

Evil Angel, who you will be well familiar with as one of the leaders in the porn production industry brings us TS-Playground that showcases the hottest of shemale models around. The ones on display here have legitimate chance of competing in any beauty pageant and you will be none the wiser if they did. In fact I believe there are actual pageants like that and they’re not some underground crap either.

Currently on offer is a ridiculously generous 76% off TS-Playground discount special for a 30 day pass. Your membership, by the way, unlocks access to the entire networks’ sites. I’ll see you guys and gals over there then.

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This surely must be one of the most intimate submissive acts for a man to perform; allowing a hot nasty slapper to peg his ass with a strap-on or dildo of sorts. Evil Angels brings you a horde of naughty chicks who love to get downright dirty. It’s certainly not a one-sided affair here though, they take it just as well as they dish it out.

There are already as many as 12,979+ high quality videos available with 100+ brand new scenes added over the span of a month. Loads of HD porn for streaming or downloading with no set limits. This is also one of the most popular mega-site networks; your membership therefore unlocks the content of 27+ sites total such as Strap Attackers; Shemale Idol; Milk Enema; and Gaping Angels, to name but a few.

Watch hot pegging videos with a discount of up to 74% off to Evil Angel!

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